White Aisle Looks Gone Terribly Wrong

By admin, Published Jan 24, 2012

Every bride’s worst nightmare is a wedding day disaster.  Rain on a should-be sunny day.  Wedding flowers that arrive wilted.  Your pristine wedding cake knocked to the floor by the one child you KNEW should have been kept off the wedding guest list.  We could go on and on about wedding day disasters, but that is not what this article is about.  Not really, anyway.

From time to time, the wedding day disaster happens right on the white aisle, and stands its ground from the start of the ceremony to the last dance at the reception.  We’re talking, of course, about white aisle looks gone terribly wrong, the must-avoid Don’ts of wedding day style.

Because a bride’s completed wedding day look involves many elements (hair, makeup, nails, veil/hairpiece, jewelry, accessories, dress, shoes), she has ample opportunity to make the wrong style choices.  Too much of anything is never a good thing, but less isn’t always more.  Which leads us to our top 4 white aisle looks gone terribly wrong:

Orange Glo Bride—There is nothing wrong with getting your sunless tan on before the big day.  After all, a golden goddess glow will look stunning against your white or ivory wedding dress.  But tread lightly, lovely brides!  Because when a sun-kissed tan turns Oompa Loompa orange, it is not a pretty picture.

Blinded by the Bride—Your wedding day is the perfect time to sparkle and shine, and a little bridal bling never hurt anyone!  But if the level of bling you will wear down the aisle makes you consider adding “Sunglasses Required” to your wedding invitations… drop the rhinestone-encrusted bridal heels and step away from the shiny accessories NOW!  Instead, choose a single sparkly statement piece, like a brilliantly beaded wedding dress or veil dripping in crystals, and pair it with more muted, elegant accessories.

When Accessories Attack—As a bride plans her wedding, she is bombarded with beautiful things that make her knees go weak, her heart skip a beat, and the notion of sticking to the budget vanish into thin air.  Overspending can lead to over-accessorizing, which is a terrible white aisle look waiting to happen!  A dramatic pair of chandelier earrings will look perfect with a bare neck, chic updo, and simple diamond tennis bracelet.  But add a statement necklace and chunky bangles, and the whole look goes bad.  So when it comes to accessorizing your dream wedding dress, remember one thing—less is more!

Skin Show—You want everyone talking about your swoon-worthy wedding dress.  But the focus should be on its beauty, NOT on how skimpy it is.  We are all for showing a little skin (think a tasteful slit, a plunging v neckline, or a low-cut open back) but keep it classy for your wedding day!  Otherwise, your white aisle look could drum up visions of Pamela Anderson and her white wedding bikini!

So now we want to know... What is the worst white aisle look you have witnessed?  Dish it in the comment section below!

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