White, Now it IS Just for Brides

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Happy Labor Day! For the next few months, white belongs solely to you brides. I know that only wearing white between Memorial Day and Labor Day is one of those “fashion rules” that people like to trot out as silly and unnecessary. “After all, “ the fashion forward say, “it’s still hot after Labor Day.” For me though, that’s precisely why I stop wearing white after Labor Day. If I had anything in seersucker, I’d stop wearing it as well. Although I am guilty of sometimes wearing navy blue, traditionally a summer color, well into winter. Most “rules” of fashion either keep you from looking ridiculous (plaids and stripes anyone?) or are purely symbolic. Think about it, why are you going to wear a beautiful white wedding dress? Why is your groom going to dress up? Is it because it will somehow make your marriage more successful? It will somehow make you love each other more? No, of course not. You will wear these fabulous clothes because they’re traditional, and symbolic. They remind you and all your guests that this is a wonderful, important event. That’s why your guests get dressed up as well, to symbolize that they know the importance of the event. So, even though summer weather never really came to Chicago this year, and it could very well be 90 degrees next week, I’m putting away the white. Because it helps remind me that fall is here, that winter is coming, that I should enjoy the last few days of sunshine and flowers. Of course, fall has its own rewards, crunchy leaves and crunchier apples, beautiful colors and brand new back-to-school notebooks. There really is no such thing as the “fashion police,” and if there were, I’d have been locked up long ago, so if you want to keep your whites out, go right ahead, but I’m ready for fall. I’m ready to come inside, hunker down and start getting stuff done. Well, right after I hit the pool one last time today that is!

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