Why Brides Love Peonies for the Wedding Day

By admin, Published Jan 2, 2013

I've always adored peonies (most brides-to-be do), but I never knew how many unique types there are. I had naively thought that, well, a peony was a peony. Not so much! There are actually over 30 unique species of peonies, and each and every type is oh so wedding worthy. And not just for its outer beauty... it goes deeper than that, brideys!

Symbolism- Peonies represent romance, beauty, luxury, happy life, and marriage, so the symbolism is spot on. It's also considered the 12th anniversary flower, so remember the peonies when you're celebrating your I Do's twelve years down the road.

Scent- Most types of peonies are wonderfully fragrant, so they add to the overall wedding ambiance and fill your ceremony and reception venue with a beautiful aroma. Here are a handful of the sweetest smelling peonies: Chestine Gowdy, Kansas, Myrtle Gentry, Noemie Demay, Diana Parks, French Peony, Madame Calot, Hermione, August Dessert, Mme de Verneville, Mme Emile Lemoine.

Color- Traditionally, peonies took on a color in the white-pink-red range. But over time, other vibrant shades like salmon, peach, coral, and yellow have come into play, which is great news for brides who don't love girly pink and red.

Did you learn something new? Hope so! But now... onto the eye candy! Check out loads of peony wedding flower inspiration below, then tell us why you heart peonies in the comments section!

romantic mansion wedding with vintage inspired bride and groom peony bouquet

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