Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey: Doctor Who Makes a Great Wedding Companion

By Dana LaRue, Published Apr 3, 2013


YOU GUYS. All new episodes of Doctor Who start this weekend. SRSLY. It's time to jump back into time and space with everyone's favorite bowtie-wearing, sonic screwdriver-wielding, Dalek-fighting time lord.

Adventures in the far reaches of the universe await! And so does your wedding planning, now that Wedding Season is about to kick off big time.

But have no fear! You can totes let your geek flag fly and be the envy of Whovians worldwide when you have the Doctor make a special cameo at your big day!

The TARDIS is that perfect shade for your something blue and remember: Bowties are cool! From little touches, like flats with "Allons-y!" in glitter writing or star-shaped lights to a full-on police box for the kidlets to play in, there are tons of ways to incorporate the silly man in a blue box. (You could even get your groom to don a replica of the 11th Doctor's suit jacket!)

How about getting your ring bearer to carry your bling down in a light-up TARDIS ring box? 

Ever the faithful servant, this little Ood will ensure your man's tie doesn't slip out of place.

Starburst lights will make it seem like your wedding venue is in the midst of the universe.

Rather than flowers, you can gift your lovely ladies these unique quote wallets to carry as clutches.

For something a little more intimate, slide this beautiful custom garter under your gown. You'll leave your groom seeing stars!

The little ones at your wedding will love playing in this TARDIS tent that opens to reveal the inner workings of the time machine. No kids at your wedding? Use it as part of your photobooth!

String some of these gold stars along your tables and weave 'em among the centerpieces for a celestial celebration!

Allons-y! Even the ubiquitous David Tennant would be jealous of these sweet flats with a pretty blue bow. Perfect for dancing under the stars!

The Doctor has impeccable style, and so can your sci-fi-loving groom! Pair this 11th Doctor replica jacket with some sharp khakis and you'll soon be saying "I Do" to your very own adventuring partner!

But don't forget the bowtie! Because bowties are cool.

Instead of a boring, standard pen, have your wedding guests scribble in your guestbook with a Sonic Screwdriver pen!

What do you think, brides? Are you stoked for the new episodes of Doctor Who? Will your wedding have have a little cameo by the TARDIS?

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