Winter 2009 Bridal Hair Accessory Trends

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Special to OneWed from Maura Foster of It's 90 degrees outside right now, but bridal designers are thinking ahead to Fall and Winter 2009 with an eye towards the newest designs and the hottest trends. Bridal magazines rarely focus on bridal accessories – for them, it's all about the dress. Hair accessory aficionados know how to track the trends – look towards the hair styles. Accessories tend to follow the current hair styles. There are two styles right now leading the pack for this fall and winter – vintage looks that borrow from the 1920's and 1940's, and hairbands. Vintage hair pieces accentuate the trend toward bridal hair styles that are borrowed from the past. Marcel waves, 1940's Victory rolls, and various braided updos have all been in evidence in the past few weeks – and hair accessories are right along with them. The Marcel wave looks perfect with a Russian Birdcage veil, as seen on Drew Barrymore a few weeks ago, in the photo above... Below is vintage hairstyling at its very best – the Victory Roll. Popular in the 1940's when women had to wear their hair up and out of the way as they went to work in factories, the Victory Roll and other vintage looks are having a strong resurgence among brides. Photo 2 features a pretty montage from Lauren Renell's great book, Vintage Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step by Step Techniques, 2nd edition which I would highly recommend if you are leaning towards a vintage hairstyle. Other great vintage looks incorporate the use of a single, large flower accessory in the hair to pin it back and away from the face. These vintage looking pins and barrettes add just the right amount of “throwback” sparkle to any wedding day: Hairbands are enjoying a renewed focus for today's bride who wants to look “like herself” - they are practical and decorative: adding just enough sparkle to not be an every day item but marking a special day. Many new styles are incorporating a vintage look as well – vines, and Art Deco influences are apparent.

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