Winter Wedding Inspiration- 5 More DIY Wedding Flowers Projects!

By Azure Nelson, Published Dec 10, 2010

We already broke down how to create 5 of the fabulous holiday-inspired DIY wedding flower projects. And today, we walk you through recreating the remaining 5 very merry flower arrangements! DIY Wedding Flowers Project 6- Fresh Flower-Adorned Ring Bearer Pillow Materials • Small, round pillow • Two stems Spray roses • Straight pins • Floral shears Ring Bearer Pillow How-To • Snip ten roses just below the bloom and leaving no stem. • Arrange your roses on top of the pillow, before pinning, until you are happy with the design. We created a triad of roses spraying out. • To secure the roses onto the pillow, insert straight pins directly into the center of the flower. Secure by pinning through the stem as well. Insert as many pins as needed to secure the blooms and your design. Head over to our Advice section to learn how to create DIY wedding flower projects 7-10, including a rose petal ceremony aisle and delicious flower-adorned mini cakes!

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