Wishpot: New Wedding Trend, Vintage Photography

By Azure Nelson, Published Mar 29, 2010

Your photographer is one of the most important people involved in your wedding. They capture and create memories for you and your spouse to look back on for years. Everyone is looking for something different when it comes to their wedding photos, something that is unique to them as a couple, but recently people have been gravitating toward the vintage feel. Some just in the way their pictures look and others in the totality of the wedding. And why not? The pictures come out beautifully and basing your wedding around a vintage theme allows for uniqueness in celebrating another era. Photo 1: Jung Tae-woo and his fiancée Jang In-hee look straight out of the 20’s in these photos. Her dress and his suit are spot on to the era and the photographs compliment the look completely. Photo 2: Laura and Tim look amazing in these photos. The wedding and ceremony itself seem pretty contemporary but the finish on the photos gives it a whole new spin, which is just beautiful! Whatever look and feel you choose for your wedding, remember that it is a reflection of you two as a couple. These photos will be pieces of art you can look back on for years to come and remind you of your love for each other. Wishpot is a shop anywhere online wish list service. Visit our Wedding Registry Homepage or find us on Twitter @wishpot and fan us on Facebook. Helpful Links Find a Great Photographer More Vintage Inspiration

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