Wishpot's Wedding Glasses Worth Toasting

By Azure Nelson, Published Mar 4, 2010

Special to OneWed from Wishpot On your wedding day, when you make that toast, and raise your glass consider what you are sipping your champagne out of. Your champagne wedding flutes are a wonderful item that can be re-used long after the big day. These investment pieces can be brought out for future valentines celebrations and anniversaries, or just to remind you of your wedding day. From gold-rimmed crystal flute, or vintage champagne flutes. These items can also be passed down for generations to come. Choose glasses that capture the personality of you as a couple and the mood of your wedding. Picture One: Chic flutes don't need to cost a lot of money. This plastic champagne flute is great for a money-saving wedding, and still stand out. Picture Two: These Weddingstar 7008 Diamond Ring Champagne Flutes are twist on a classic flute. The ornate, but refined design is elegant and timeless. Picture Three: Interlocking Diamond Stem Flutes can represent your lives coming together, your new unity and your future as a family. Wishpot is a shop anywhere online wish list service. Visit our Wedding Registry Homepage or find us on Twitter @wishpot and fan us on Facebook. Helpful Links More Toasting Flutes More Wedding Registry Ideas

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