Women Who Proposed, Part III, Sports

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

In July 2009 we held an amazing contest. We gave away platinum wedding rings worth $4,500. To be entered in this contest women had to tell us their stories of how THEY would (or did, or might) propose if they had been the ones to ask the question. The winner was chosen randomly, but we received so many amazing entries we just had to find a way to share some of them with you. Check back every week for a new article featuring a new proposal theme. You can read the previous proposal stories here. This week, we give you stories of women who wanted to use sports for their proposals. (some stories have been edited for space reasons) 1. My fiancé had the perfect proposal when he asked me to marry him during a walk along the woods path at my parents' house where we will now be married. If I were to propose to him I would also choose to do it at one of this favorite locations. Perhaps while visiting Boston with the ring tied to a couple of Red Sox Green Monster seat tickets. Although, I'm not sure if he'd be more excited to be engaged or to go to the game! 2. I ride horses, so whomever I marry has to love them as well as loving me. So I would wait until he is at the barn with me, and ask him to go into a stall and check my horse’s bucket for water. The bucket would be empty except for the ring, at which point I would ask him if he will marry me (and my dogs and horses). Then I would have a picnic already packed so we could ride the horses out into a secluded area to celebrate with some champagne. 3. I would propose to my guy by giving him his dream day: Great seats at a football game, hotdogs and beer, and at half time, I'd ask him to marry me! 4. I'm down for breaking the gender barriers around the proposal. J is a big Chicago Cubs fan. And I'm a White Sox fan. So I'm thinking of taking J to a Cubs game, (unfortunately not the Cross Town Classic, couldn't get tickets) and asking him at Wrigley Field, right after the 7th inning stretch. 5. I would propose to my boyfriend during a Miami Dolphins game. He is a huge fan and so I would have an announcement made on television during the game. We would have all our family and close friends gathered during the event. Once I have his attention then I would show him the ring while saying " I've waited all my life to find a man that I can connect with. We don't have to lose ourselves, pretend to be something we're not, or be selfish towards each other. We give all of ourselves. We are both imperfect, yet our love lets us see each other perfectly. Will you be with me forever?"

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