Women who Proposed, Part VI, Kids

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

In July 2009 we held an amazing contest. We gave away platinum wedding rings worth $4,500. To be entered in this contest, women had to tell us their stories of how THEY would (or did, or might) propose if they had been the ones to ask the question. The winner was chosen randomly, but we received so many amazing entries we just had to find a way to share some of them with you. To read all the proposal stories, click here. This week, we give you stories of women who wanted to involve their children (4 legged and 2 legged) in their proposal. (some stories have been edited for space reasons) 1. I would send the kids to grandma’s, make his favorite meal, rent a movie that he's been wanting to see rather than one I've been wanting to see, and just at the end of the movie I would say, "Babe, we've been through so much together already. I know there have been a lot of marriages in your family that haven't made it through tough times, but I know we will survive anything. We have already made it through two major family deaths, medical near fatalities with our sons, and more than most couples have ever been through in their entire relationships. I will always be there for you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I'm asking you if you would spend the rest of yours with me...Will you be my husband?" 2. My name is Jenny and I am submitting my platinum proposal. When I was pregnant with our daughter Joe, would to take me to eat weekly at our favorite place, the Original Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles, California. At that time the Grove in LA was being built alongside the Farmer’s Market. We used to take a stroll even though it was not complete; we loved that it would have a fountain and would sit around it. Six years and two kids later, this has become “OUR spot”, as a family we go almost weekly and have dinner there and take the same stroll to the beautiful fountain. I will take him to the bridge over that fountain, tell him how much he means to me and how much in love I still am (after 10 years) and propose to spend the rest of our lives together. And then we’d go have some ice cream, this would be my platinum proposal. 3. I'd probably pop the question to my longtime bf around Fuji's (my dog) birthday. We get a kick of celebrating his birthday because we just love him so much and it makes us feel like a family. Fuji will probably have the ring tied to his collar that morning and he will climb on the bed like he always does and plop himself on to my guy’s chest. The rest will reveal itself... 4. "I would get Bella (our pug) a small t-shirt. It would read “Do you know what time it is?” and there would be a watch on a ribbon around her neck and the back of the watch would be engraved – “Time to get Married. Will you be mine?” I know Jason would love this and it would be a surprising and sentimental way to do it. I know that the guy is supposed to get the girl the ring so this way he would still have an engagement piece of jewelry (I of course would get my ring soon after!) I would follow up my proposal with a delicious brunch in bed and snuggling. I like this idea because it’s fun and unique but not too extravagant. It lets me involve our pug (who is like a child to us) and gives Jason something special that he will always have to remember our engagement day and my proposal by. 5. After 15 years of marriage our wedding bands have been looking rough. My spouse is a disabled Veteran who is attending college full time. So as a challenge I "proposed" that when we is finished with college we will renew our vows and get new rings. My proposal took place on the top of Mt. Greylock in Mass. near our home. The views were sweeping and stunning and our children each presented him with a small note. The notes each told of our love for him and ended with my note asking him to marry me all over again....now that he knows me "warts and all." He said yes! Now we just need new rings. 6. Ah, there are so many ways that I’d propose to my boyfriend. But the one I think I’m going to go with would have to be… I plan on buying a puppy and wrapping a bow on her and placing the ring tied to the bow with a little note asking him to marry me. 7. After finding out in May of 2000 that I was pregnant we were excited. We were on top of the world until November when our little girl came 3 months early. She was born weighing 1 pound and 5 ounces and stayed in the NICU 91 days. After seeing him go to work and then driving back to the hospital, which was over a 100 mile drive each way everyday I knew then that I wonted to spend the rest of my life with him. One night while we were sitting in the NICU visiting our little Miracle, I was sitting there watching him hold her and talk to her and promise her things they would do together. I told him I could not image my life without him, and then I said since you have never asked me I’m now going to ask you WILL YOU PROMISE TO MARRY ME once we are able to get through all of this ! He was shocked, but he did say yes. We are still paying the hospital bills, but are trying to save money to get our rings and have a small wedding March 2010.

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