World's longest wedding gown worn in China

By News, Published Aug 6, 2009

Imagine walking down the aisle in a wedding dress when your train is more than a mile long. One bride in China's Jilin province faced just that challenge earlier today.

According to China's Xinhua news agency, it took 200 wedding guests more than three hours to unroll Lin Rong's bridal train, which measured more than 7,000 feet in length, and pin 9,999 red roses onto it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, her wedding gown broke the Guinness World Record for length.

The dress was handmade by the groom and his family over the course of three months and cost approximately 40,000 yuan ($5,856) to complete.

Groom Zhao Peng told Xinhua that he created the dress because he wanted to do something special on his big day.

"I do not want a cliché wedding parade or banquet," he told the news provider. "Nor can I afford the extravagance of a hot balloon wedding."

Not only did the wedding gown boast nearly 10,000 silk roses, but it also had 608 crystals sewn on to represent the number of days that the bride and groom had known each other.

Romantic gesture or over-the-top madness? You be the judge.

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