Would You Wear a Pink Wedding Dress?

By admin, Published Feb 22, 2012

Gwen Stefani did it first and now it's all the rage... non-white wedding dresses in shades of rosy pink. And I'm loving it!

And although I adore this 2012 bridal style trend (I've always been a pink girl!), I'm just not sure I'd have the cojones to ultimately choose a pink gown. I guess it's because I've been programmed to think that my wedding dress will be white (or ivory, ecru, candlelight, etc.), come hell or high water. And I'm already thinking about what my mom would have to say...

But I'm not a bride-to-be, so I want to hear from you! First—Do you like the pink wedding dress trend? And secondly, would you actually wear a pretty pink gown down your white aisle? Or to your reception? Dish it in the comment section below!


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