You Know You’re Dealing with a Groomzilla When…

By admin, Published Jun 21, 2012

He asks the bride to give up her walk down the aisle so he can make the grand entrance instead. Say what?! Keep reading...

I'm not (completely) ashamed to admit that I've caught a few late night episodes of 'Basketball Wives'. Especially since one of the main story lines this season (besides throw-downs, brawls and bottle/drink lobbing) is Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada's upcoming wedding. Well, upcoming if they can find a Miami venue brave enough to host the event.

While at cocktails with the girls, Evelyn dropped a bomb... “He wants to walk down the aisle. 

He's like, ‘let's do it different. You can wait for me, and I'll walk down.’” Umm... ok, my jaw hit the floor.

Now, granted, this was coming from a guy who legally changed his last name from Johnson to his football number in Spanish (85=Ocho Cinco), and who popped the question (without really popping the question) in between games of Call of Duty.. but still. I was outraged. Give your bride her moment to shine!

Do you agree? What would you think if your groom made a similar request? Besides asking to walk down the aisle, what other actions make engaged guys Groomzillas? Share them using the form below, or post to the comment section!

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