Your Wedding Budget: Is It Protected?

By Azure Nelson, Published Apr 15, 2010

Special to OneWed by WedSafe Wedding Insurance Despite the economic turnaround that is apparently underway, there are still a number of risks that couples face when placing significant sums of money in the hands of wedding vendors well in advance of their wedding date. We've seen a number of issues arise with all types of wedding vendors who have accepted deposits or full payment, but who did not show up or complete the services they were contracted for. Even the most reputable and well-intentioned vendors can find themselves with financial or other types of problems. Whenever you write a check as payment to a wedding vendor, ask yourself what would happen if they could not fulfill their obligations. And while taking steps such as using a credit card and researching your vendors thoroughly can minimize the risk of loss, there is still a serious financial exposure that you face. Wedding Insurance should be an important component of every bride’s budget, no matter how modest or extravagant their plans may be. Event Cancellation Insurance can provide reimbursement for losses due to bankrupt or no-show vendors. Policies can be purchased far in advance of your wedding date, and it is highly recommended to protect yourself as soon as you begin placing deposits with vendors. Here are some key things to keep in mind as you research: There are essentially two kinds of insurance that applies to couples planning their wedding: Wedding Cancellation/Postponement Insurance - This coverage offers financial reimbursement to the host for unforeseen events that force the cancellation or postponement of your wedding. As mentioned earlier, it can also provide financial protection against lost deposits from no-show or bankrupt vendors. • Wedding Liability Insurance - This type of coverage is required by many venues, and they often ask to be named as an additional insured on the policy. Wedding Liability Insurance provides protection against claims arising out of the wedding, where an injury occurs or property is damaged and responsibility is alleged to fall on the host for the injury or damage. Remember, not all coverage is the same. Policies and their terms, conditions and exclusions can vary tremendously. Since there are so many variables, first find a company that specializes in wedding insurance and is highly regarded in the industry. Establish your wedding budget and include a line for wedding insurance. You can quickly and easily obtain an instant online quote, with no obligation, for coverage that you select for your situation. Weddings are among the most significant investment that any of us will make into one single day of our lives. Wedding insurance offers a very cost-effective way to protect that investment. For more detailed information on protecting your wedding budget, visit

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