Red Sweatshirt Photography

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Award Winning - Photojournalist

My red sweatshirt usually smells like barbecue smoke, remnants of a great meal with my wife and dogs; a happy time that when I smell the familiar smell makes me smile. Pictures can evoke the same happy memories when we look at them. Photos should grasp an instant that you want to live over and over again. They are like your favorite, old, red sweatshirt…
Scott Evans is the man behind the camera of red sweatshirt photography. His creativity was not taught in a classroom. He simply sees the world in a way that others don’t. Though he was not “formally” taught photography he has spent many years living life through the lens of his camera. Although photographing family, friends and his two Brittany Spaniels had entertained him for a while it did not satisfy him fully. He decided to jump off the corporate bandwagon and sink his teeth (and heart) into photography full time.

Tags: #Bellmore, #Photographers

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