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Your Vendor Listing

How do I create a wedding vendor listing on OneWed?

Easy! Just create a vendor account and your listing will be available anytime someone searches for vendors that match your criteria. Upgrade to a premium listing to be shown more prominently in search results (you can upgrade from your vendor dashboard once you've created your account.)

How do I edit my listing?

  1. Log in to your account with your username (or email) and password.
  2. Navigate to your Dashboard using your account menu in the upper right.
  3. Go to the Listing tab to edit your listing.
  4. Don't forget to click the appropriate "Save Changes" or "Submit" button(s) for each section you've updated.

What is the "search results description"?

The search results description is the text shown below your name in search results.

What is the "service description"?

The service description is the text shown on your public listing.

How can I upgrade to a premium listing?

To learn more about our premium packages and upgrade to a premium listing:

  1. Log in to your account with your username (or email) and password.
  2. Navigate to your Dashboard using your account menu in the upper right.
  3. Go to the Advertising tab and select your premium package.
  4. Click the "checkout" button if your shopping cart looks correct.
  5. On the next page, enter your payment information by selecting your card type (click the corresponding credit card logo).
  6. When you're done, click the "Review Order" button.
  7. Once submitted, your relevant premium features will be available immediately in your dashboard.

What order do vendor listings appear in?

When someone searches for a vendor, relevant platinum listings will be featured at the very top, and gold listings featured on the right. In the main column of search results, listings are ordered by platinum, then gold, then silver, and finally free listings. Listings within each group are prioritized by how many reviews they have. Any time there are two or more listings with the same number of reviews, their order is rotated to keep it fair.

People using search have the option to sort the organic listings in three additional orders:

  • By the number of reviews (independent of the subscription type)
  • By the average review (those with the highest average rating appear at the top)
  • Alphabetically (great for when you are searching for a particular vendor)

What are the listings on the top and right side of the search results?

These are platinum and gold premium listings. These high profile locations work in the following manner:

  • The top featured listing bar contains the three platinum vendors in that category that are closest to the couple's location. This is independent of the distance selector that the couple chose in their search — many times the reach of a platinum vendor in a less dense part of the country is dramatically extended by appearing in the featured listing far beyond the 25 miles or even the 250 miles on the distance selector.
  • The featured listings on the right side work similarly, except that there are four spaces and they are for the four closest gold vendors to the couple's location.

I'm able to log into OneWed, but can't access my vendor dashboard. What's going on?

You may have two accounts, and are logging in with the account that isn't associated with your vendor listing. Email us at with the name of your business and the email address you're currently signing in with, and we'll help you out!


What is a "Regional/National/International" listing?

While our local is on local vendors, there are a few vendors that have a regional (i.e. State-wide), national or international presence. Any vendor can purchase a National Listing — these are platinum level listings and you can contact if you are interested in learning more.

Are there both monthly and annual options for premium listings on OneWed?

Yes, we currently offer both monthly and annual options. Monthly prices for each package are shown on the Advertising tab of your vendor dashboard. A monthly package can be canceled at any time (from the top of your Listing tab). To view annual options, and save up to 45%, click "Go annual and get 3 months FREE" below the monthly prices, or contact

How do I cancel my subscription and downgrade to a premium listing?

A monthly subscription can be canceled at any time (since you are charged every 30 days). Our annual packages imply an annual contract, so cannot be canceled until the 365 day duration of the annual package is finished. Annual packages are non-refundable, but are transferable (in case your business is sold during the time that your annual contract is still active).

If you're looking to cancel your subscription, please send email us at providing the email address on your account and you'll receive a follow-up phone call and/or email to confirm your cancellation request.

Do I need to commit to an entire year?

Of course not! All of our standard packages are month-to-month subscriptions. You can start anytime you want and your credit card will be billed every 30 days. You can cancel at any time.


What is OneWed's policy on reviews?

Reviews are to be written only by clients of our vendors who were brides, grooms, or paying party in the wedding or related events, and only once per couple/wedding.

If a review is contested as not coming from an actual client, we will IMMEDIATELY remove the review from public view and write the author asking for proof that they were a client of the vendor being reviewed (copy of contract or cancelled check).

Only if the reviewer is able to provide proof of the customer-vendor relationship will the review be re-published.

Reviews are intended to be used to review the quality of work of the vendor — reviews that focus on issues unrelated to the quality of the vendor's work or that make personal attacks may be removed by OneWed at anytime.

We are all about transparency and honest reviews from real couples. Couples benefit from being able to get the real scoop and see both positive and negative reviews from past customers. We don't try to evaluate whether a review is accurate or not — just that the reviews come from actual customers of the vendor.

Will OneWed remove my vendor listing if I receive a negative review?

No, we will not completely remove a vendor listing just because of a negative review. Removing reviews or listings just because there is a bad review would result in a directory of only perfect reviews, compromising the value of our site. Here at OneWed, we try to provide couples with a venue for expressing their opinions while protecting vendors from fake or false reviews. In doing so, we have a "vendor rebuttal" feature, which allows our vendors to tell their side of the story in response to a negative or exaggerated review. Just send your rebuttal to, and we'll post it below the review in question.

Do reviews show up on my photos?

Reviews show up below your portfolio on your public listing page only. They will not be seen in relation to your photos anywhere else on the site.

If I had won a "best of OneWed" award in a previous year, will it still show up on my listing?

Yes, awards from OneWed will show up on your public listing page indefinitely.


Photo Quality Guidelines

Any photo you upload will show on your listing, but photos that do not meet these guidelines may not be featured in search results!

Featured photos are...
  • High resolution photos (2000 pixels wide or larger)
  • JPG or PNG files
  • Your photos (or photos of your original work)
  • Professional quality photos (in focus, good lighting)
  • Only your best work (1-3 photos per product)
  • Products in action
Featured photos are not...
  • Low res photos (smaller than 1000 pixels wide)
  • Framed, heavily edited or obtrusively watermarked
  • Snapshots or home camera photos
  • Headshots
  • Unnecessarily or inaccurately tagged (over 10 tags)

How can I add photos to my listing?

Navigate to your dashboard using your account menu in the upper right of the website and click on the Listing tab. Scroll down until you see the photos section. Click the "upload photos" button. You'll be taken to a page where you can upload and tag as many high quality photos as you like so they can appear on the site or in our iPad app.

Can I add more that one photo at once?

Yes, and we encourage you to! Click on the "Select One or More Photos" button in the photo upload page and go to the file folder that has the photos you would like to upload. Mac users can hold down the "shift and command" keys to select multiple files by clicking on them with your mouse. PC users can hold the "control" key and click on the files you would like to upload. Finish by clicking the "open" button.

What file type do the photos need to be?

We suggest .jpg or .png (better for photo quality), but we accept .gif as well. Any other file type will result in an error.

What size photos should I upload?

We allow any size of photo to show up on your listing page, but to be featured on the website and in our iPad app, your photos must be at least 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels tall. Larger than that is even better, but we suggest you cap your file size at around 2 or 3MB, simply because more quality than this is unnecessary, and uploading photos larger than this may be a pain.

Where do photos show on my listing?

Photos will show in your public listing under the portfolio tab (which is shown by default). NOTE: It may take the photos up to ten minutes to appear on your public listing.

How do I edit and delete photos I have uploaded?

Once uploaded, you cannot currently edit tags on photos. However, you can delete and re-upload (and re-tag) your photos. Navigate to your dashboard from your account menu in the upper right of the page. On your listing tab, scroll down to the photos section. Select the checkboxes marked "delete" next to the photos you'd like to remove and press the submit button directly below your photos.

Can I upload photos and keep them private?

No. Photos are used as inspiration for couples during their wedding planning process and are all public.

What are tags?

Tags are relevant keywords that couples use to search on our site. They identify the details in your photos like color, season, category, style, location, service, etc. Photos without tags will not show up in photo search results. We suggest you add 5 or more tags for your photos to be discoverable.

How do I tag my photos?

While on the photo upload page and after you've selected your photos, you can add tags to all photos at once and/or add tags to individual photos. The "Add Tags" button in the top right of the page will allow you to add tags to all of your photos at once, and the "Add Tags" buttons next to each photo let you add tags to each invidual photo. You can click on the tags next to each photo to remove them.

Can I delete tags from a photo?

Yes, but only on the photo upload page. We don't currently support adding or removing tags once you've clicked the "Publish Photos" button and your photos show up in your Listing tab. If you're still on the photo upload page, just click on the tags showing next to a photo to remove them.

How do I make sure my photos show up in photo search results?

To show up in photo search results, your photos must meet the following requirements:

  • 2000px wide or larger
  • JPG or PNG format
  • Ideally has around 5 tags (please tag your photos with relevant tags only)
  • Professional quality (as assessed by our team)
  • Non-redundant (please, only 1 - 3 photos of each product)

For more information, see our quality guidelines.

Photos you upload that do not meet these requirements will still show up on your public listing page, but it's in your best interest for all of your photos to be high quality.

How do people search for photos on OneWed?

Couples can choose to either browse categories of photos using our main navigation (and filter those by style) or they can type keywords (tags) into our photo search bar in the top left of the page.

How is my listing found through my photos?

Every one of your photos that is shown in search results will have a link back to your listing. Once the photo is zoomed, your business name and a link to your public listing will be shown directly below the photo.

How do couples contact me?

Couples can contact you using the contact form your public listing page, available on the right-hand side or via the "Contact This Vendor" button at the top. This feature is only available for premium listings.

Can a couple search for my listing without looking at photos?

Yes, couples can click on the "Find Local Vendors" link at the top of the site and search by service type and distance from location. It is not yet possible to search for a specific vendor, but this feature is forthcoming.

How will my location be included in searches?

A couple can include a city or zip code in their search parameters. They can choose to search for vendors within 5 and 250 mile radius of their chosen city or zip code. If you fit the parameters, you will be in the results.

What if I see another vendor using my photos as their own?

Contact Your email should include your vendor name, the URL of the listing in question, and the URL(s) of photo(s) in question. Emails without this information cannot be answered.

Can I upload photos to another vendor's listing or tag another vendor in a photo?

No. We only allow you to edit and upload to your own listing, however we think tagging other vendors is a great idea and are considering supporting it in the future.

How are photos chosen for the home page?

Our editorial team reviews recently uploaded photos. They evaluate photos on uniqueness, aesthetics, and resolution. The very best will be promoted to our home page every day.

Our iPad App

Where can I find the iPad app?

You can find it here on the App Store. It's free!

Do I have to have the iPad app to use OneWed on my iPad?

Nope. In fact, OneWed is optimized for browsing in Safari on your iPad. But, the iPad app is the very best way to use OneWed on your iPad. It's faster, has full screen options, and the ability to favorite and save photos (coming soon for web).

Will the iPad app work on my iphone or android products?

No, the iPad app will only work on iPads. We have, however, optimized OneWed to look and function great on non-iPad mobile devices.

Can I upload photos or edit my vendor listing through the iPad app?

The OneWed iPad app was designed to help couples find and save inspiring photos and connect with the vendors behind them. The app does not currently allow logging into your account or accessing your Vendor Dashboard.