Three DIY Flower Projects for Your Romantic Wedding Ceremony

Posted by Azure on April 8th, 2011
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Are you saving the majority of your wedding flowerbudget for the reception decor? Well, you can still walk a stylish aisle with gorgeous DIY floral accents that add a little something special and don’t cost much. Check out these three DIY designs that anyone can create: Project #1: Bridal Bouquet

Playing off the pink hues and sparkle in the absolutely beautiful custom linen created by Kirby Rentals we chose a range of pink and green to achieve a romantic wedding look accented with a touch of bling. The focal flower is a bright pink Peony Rose Yves Piaget chosen for its likeness to classic Peony and its much friendlier price-point. The accent flower is a Light Pink Spray Garden Rose for texture and contrasting color. Unique greenery including variegated leaves and basket-woven grass complete the look.

DIY Materials: • White Ribbon • White Pearl DIY flower pins (available in 30+ colors) for the handle • Floral Shears Project #2: Rose Petal Aisle

And for the patterned aisle, we selected our own mix of colors for the rose petals. Again taking inspiration from the linen, we sketched out a pattern on a sheet of notebook paper and began placing petals! In minutes you too can create a stunning ceremony aisle. You just need a little imagination and some rose petals to play with. A rose petal aisle is the one DIY wedding project that everyone can do!

DIY Materials: • Craft Vinyl from a fabric store, cut to the length of your aisle Project #3: Ceremony Altar Arrangement

A bright and dramatic wedding centerpiece is the perfect focal point for your ceremony backdrop. Using the remaining peony roses, we created a professional looking design using simple floral supplies. Use a needle and thread to create a strand of petals and then attach it to the center of a DIY flower arranger. Place over the mouth of the vase to create a floating affect for the strand of petals.

To create the floral topper, insert cut flower stems into a half-round of wet foam and mount on top of the DIY flower arranger to finish.

DIY Materials: • Beaded DIY flower arranging tool • 6-inch clear glass vase • Fishing wire • Sewing Needle • Half Round Styrofoam

To get the best prices shop online for wholesale flowers and remember to ask about ready-to-go floral products such as garland, wreaths, rose petals, leis, corsages, centerpiece bouquets and more that make it super easy to DIY.

Special thanks to Shannon Allen for photographing these gorgeous images.
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